Privacy Policy

Who we are and what we do

  • We are an event management services agency providing full events and registration services. We are appointed directly by our clients in executing their events/projects/campaigns targeting at their customers, partners and/or internal staff.
  • In the course of managing the events/projects/campaigns, we will come into contact with personal data of registrants/attendees/delegates/participants during the process of inviting them for the events/projects/campaigns or when they register for the events/projects/campaigns.
  • We ensure that NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and MSA (master service agreement) documents are secured and valid between ourselves and clients before we start work on any event/project/campaign. Likewise, all third-party subcontractors and database providers are required to sign an NDA with us before receiving any data for use as per declared purposes stated below.

The type of personal information we collect

  • We collect the personal data and below are the most common types of information collected:
    • Full Name
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Job Title
    • Department
    • Contact Numbers
    • Email Address
    • Survey Responses (where applicable)
    • Photos (where applicable)
    • Passport Number
    • Passport Validity Date
    • Place of Birth
    • Nationality
  • We also collect personal information for job applications

How we collect personal information

  • For data which you provide to us directly, our collection methods are:
    • Via online registration portal built in house or,
    • Via manual registration (in Word document or email response) submitted by registrant through email communications or,
    • Via data file provided or online registration portal hosted by client and third party database provider,
    • Via other form of submissions like feedback form, contest form and enquiry form.
  • We also receive personal information via data file provided or online registration portal hosted by client and third party database provider

What we use the personal information for

  • We use the collected personal information for processing of registration RSVP at an event/project/campaign. Specifically, the information may be used for booking of guest rooms and airport transfer; printing of event name badges and tent cards; booking of air flight tickets and invitation letter for visa application; registration communications via email, phone and messaging; post event follow ups; and any other purposes related to processing your attendance at the event/project/campaign.

Online website and registration portal

  • Our online web and registration portal URL domains are all encrypted with SSL license. Language used is in ASP, supported by Javascript/JQuery. Cookies are generally used only for few session variables for identification purposes.

How do we protect personal information which we collect

  • A dedicated registration specialist will be assigned to manage personal information collected for every event/project/campaign. At times, our event lead will be privy to the personal information too for the purpose of events execution related to delegate and secretariat services.
  • Personal information data received will be stored securely by using a strong password. Files containing personal information will be shared/transferred via secure FTP site or encrypted email communications.
  • In instances where data is accessible via online dashboard reporting by our event/project/campaign leads, all access is only via unique strong password assigned by our web administrator.
  • We conduct initial and periodic staff training sessions on basic privacy and security principles, and updates of DPPC rules and regulations. Internal audits are conducted semi-annually to check on company laptops, company server and paper records to ensure all personal information has been purged after the event/project/campaign.

You can exercise your rights on your personal information

  • Should you have any query or concern, or feel that you are not comfortable with us processing your data and like us to exclude your personal information from any event proceedings or follow-ups, please feel free to reach out to our appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) or our registration specialist for the event/project/campaign.

Our contacts for personal information privacy

Role Job Title Email Contact
Data Protection Officer Registration Team Lead
Developer & Web Server Administrator Senior Web Developer

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